Our Story

After 8 years on the telco consultancy business, two senior executives of nae (one of the leading telco consultancy firms in Spain) decided to put “their money where their mouth was” and develop technology targeted to measure and enhance customer experience of mobile services, as they saw no other company understood how to address this need.

Based on our experience, we figured out that small actions on key elements along the value chain can produce great benefits to improve the experience of the customers, requiring low investments and producing great tangible and intangible benefits.

One year later, and already serving major mobile and fixed operators in Spain, we founded case delivering customer experience enhancing products that reduce costs, increase revenues, promote loyalty and drive new revenue streams.

The team

Agustín Bátiz

Agustín Bátiz

Founder, Innovation and development

Luis Molina

Luis Molina

Founder, Sales and operations

Jaime González

Jaime González


Edén Hernández

Edén Hernández

Front End

Aida Campa

Aida Campa

Service Delivery

Ainhoa Lafuente

Ainhoa Lafuente

Database development


Alejandro Fernandez

Innovation Front Liner

Sergio Martín

Sergio Martín

Operations and Back End

Sergio Prudencio

Sergio Prudencio

Embedded systems


Adriano Ramos


Our method

We believe in solving problems by combining our experience, our deep understanding of the client and some ingenuity to add perspective.

We approach challenges by applying a 3 stage method using the latest technologies and creative business models, delivering common sense products adjusted to the reality of the problem to solve.


By applying fast prototyping techniques we are able to create an hypothesis of how to solve the problem and a first working version of the solution within weeks, delivering tangible proof of the viability of the solution proposed.


We turn proof of concepts to production level applications, creating stand alone products that solve precise problems without adding complexity (and high costs).


We provide or customers with the choice of using our products as services built around flexible business models in line with their needs, taking care of the a wide range of activities and providing an end to end solution.

Do you have a challenge for us? Put our method to the test!

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Our products


We created PREDinten as a prediction engine, with or without internal data, that correlates social network and online activity to real life actions such as attending a venue, buying a product, voting for a candidate or watching a TV program, among other activities.

PREDinten solves the problem of adjusting the offer to fulfill the demand without overdimensioning (loosing profits) or undersizing (loosing clients).


The situation

We understand that either shortage or wastage of resources when addressing the demands of customers often results in poor customer experience, which in turn leads to higher costs, lower profits and fewer customers.

The problem

Predicting demand to adjust offer is a common practice that ofter fails to provide results as most companies relay on internal historical information, basically building their models in the same factors that drove them to provide an inaccurate offering.

Our approach

We believe that prediction must take into account external information to understand the customer and its intention in its own terms.


Intention Detection

PREDinten analyzes social media activity identifying individual streams of conversational information, establishing patterns of real life intentions.

Intention Classification

Each stream is classified according the type of intention, allowing us to identify if it is related to attending an event, purchasing a product or service, voting for a candidate, etc.

Geolocation of intentions

Classified intentions are geolocated and grouped according to their proximity, locating the impact of the intention with an actual address or longitude and latitude reference.

Prediction of intention

Geolocated intentions are tracked and measured constantly to provide a prediction of the volume of customers foreseen to actually carrying on with their intention.

Alerts and events

Predictions turn into alerts to inform about the estimated change in demand, allowing our clients to act with plenty of time to adjust their offer and provide benefits to their customers as well as reduce costs, improve their image, etc.

End to end service

Advanced data analysis features enable PREDinten to provide a complete service, from identifying and predicting changes in the demand, to estimating the cost/benefits of adjusting the offer, providing clear and precise information for the decision makers.


Want to anticipate your customer's moves? give PREDinten a try

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Up until now, customer perceived quality and technical measured quality were as different as apple and bananas, and even knowing that they hold little relationship, company wide budgets are thrown to reduce these gaps.

MEDUX is a geolocated customer experience measurement, prediction and analysis product for fixed and mobile networks (2/3/4G, WiFi, CDMA), providing for the first time ever an objective score of the user perceived quality, delivering a single view of the service offered for both business and technical decision makers.

The situation

Telco operators across the world constantly measure their customer satisfaction with surveys and their technical quality with drive testing and signaling and traffic data evaluation. Even when these tasks have been part of the business since the beginning, the results for each measure have little to non relation, making difficult the task of assigning resources to improve customer satisfaction.

The problem

The subjective nature of the customer perceived quality, where the opinion can be influenced by external factors such as brand reputation, billing period, terminal longevity, user technical knowledge or even customer location, makes very difficult to spot the real status of the service delivered. This subjectivity forces operators to invest on improvement of the perceived quality without certainty of what and where to fix to make customers happy (and drive revenue up, reduce churn, improve margins, etc.)

Our approach

We believe that measuring customer experience with an objective approach, while collecting technical data, provides a bridge between the perceived and technical quality, as well as the directives on where and what to change or fix on the different elements of the network. This objective approach helps operators focus their limited resources into specific key points of enhancement with guarantee return in terms of O&M savings, targeted sales, better customer experience, loyalty and overall quality improvement.


m1Complete geolocated scores of customer experience pero telco operator, with street level accuracy and easy to understand scoring

m2 Flexible comparison between service provider, technology (2/3/4G, WiFi, CDMA, Cable, xDSL, FTTH), and service.

m3 Advanced data analysis with external data sets and correlation with customer experience scorings

m4 Grouping, clustering and scoring of results around logical division or physical assets such as nodes, stores, POI, etc.

m5 Automatic node and cell discovery and geolocation, without any position reference. Auto-generated node database with deployment and coverage tracking

m6 Customer Experience variation prediction and simulations based on extra layers such as PREDinten and social network sentiment analysis

m7 Flexible and completely configurable alarms with multiple conditions and multiple outputs (email, sms, webservice, netcool module, etc.)

m8 Autogenerated online dashboards as mini-sites, embeddable widgets or exportable documents (PPT, XLS, CSV)

m9Auto-generated reports with customizable views, KPIs, comparisons and period analysis.

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Who do we serve

We are proud to serve the leading mobile and fixed operators as well as top financial, insurance and public companies

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